I Love What I do!

Hello! I'm Regina and I am so glad you are here!! I am the Owner + Decluttering & Organizing Expert of UNcluttered-Living Spaces here in Nashville, Tennessee... Welcome!


    Since 2017 I have helped many people simplify their spaces and take back their lives. They will tell you I am experienced, dedicated and passionate about helping busy people get things done by coaching them in ways to discover the many benefits of living a clutter-free and organized life. 

    Let me now show you how everything you keep should have  intention and purpose. Learn how to make those decisions and give yourself room to grow, and find the peace that comes along with gaining control of the things in your home.     

   Life is way too short, take control of it and see what happens... Will you be next?



  • Getting rid of that Storage UNIT!
  • Running your household like a BOSS!
  • Parking the car in the garage!
  • Allowing your once loved items to help others.
  • Improving the sale appeal to potential buyers by decluttering.
  • Moving in and unpacking right away
  • Teaching your children how to grow up organized.
  • Find your work-life harmony... it's there, I promise.

We create order, we simplify, we give you peace of mind…


    We organize all spaces and prepare all styles and sizes of homes for market. We then follow our clients through their transition (Nashville and surrounding areas) by unpacking their new homes.

    If you are selling your home, our team will declutter and simplify your home. If you need your smaller items packed (clothes, kitchen items, linens etc.) our team will pack with care, including labeling each box or bin with item descriptions and specific room locations. If you are moving into a new home, our team will unpack and organize every room to get you settled as quickly as possible.

    If you cannot seem to tackle that last room in your home and need a master closet, pantry, kitchen, playroom or garage make-over, our consultants have you covered.

   We know that the moment UNcluttered steps into your home, you will feel immediate relief. We love seeing the excitement our clients feel once we have organized and simplified their homes.